Criminal Defense And Family Law Attorney In Mayo, Florida

If you are encountering legal difficulties, you need an experienced attorney representing you. At Hatton Law, PA, I use my 16 years of legal experience to serve my clients. Whether you are facing criminal charges or a family law matter, I will work for you with honesty and compassion.

Helping You Take On Criminal Charges In North Florida

The Florida justice system punishes criminal offenses severely. Getting arrested on suspicion of drinking and driving, a violent crime or another offense is not something to take lightly, because your freedom could be seriously curtailed by a guilty verdict. Instead of facing by yourself, let me use my years of experience help you protect your rights, mount a vigorous defense and head off an unjust sentence.

Fight For Your Family

The outcome of your divorce or other family law matter can profoundly impact your life for years to come, especially if you are a parent. For example, an unfair child custody plan can deprive you of your right to be a part of your child's life. At Hatton Law, PA, I have the experience in family law, along with the sensitivity and determination, to help you work toward a fair outcome for you and your family.

Contact My Firm

From our office in Mayo, Florida, Hatton Law, PA, serves clients throughout the region, including the Big Bend area. Please call me at 386-279-4449 to schedule an initial consultation, or contact me using my online email form.